Why choose FL Partners?

FL Partners is a partner-owned company founded in 2019, focusing on selling well-operated Danish and Nordic IT, Tech, and Engineering companies.

All clients are guaranteed a senior partner with specialist knowledge to lead their sales process.

We specialize in local and international transactions with transaction values in the range of 30-500 MDKK. With our 15 years of industry experience, we have been involved in every type of transaction.

The experienced team behind FL Partners has been advising management teams and investors in the IT, Tech, and Engineering sector for many years. As a result, we have built trustful and long-lasting relationships on both the buyer and the seller side for the benefit of our clients. In addition, our in-depth industry insight and market knowledge contribute to us always being up to date in the most important market trends and enables us to provide specialized and well-informed advice.

At FL Partners, we emphasize transparency, trust, and personal chemistry in the relationships we establish through close collaboration with the customers. We collaborate with the management, owners, and investors, and we are dedicated to structuring the most optimal transaction that accommodates the wishes and expectations of all parties involved. This is where we stand out, and this is where we make a significant difference for all our customers.

FL Partners operates independently of international networks. Therefore, we can contact relevant international buyers directly and use leading M&A experts in selected countries with local knowledge of potential buyers. This increased flexibility ensures our clients a faster process and guarantees that the specific case does not compete with other clients in the network. We are experts in international transactions through many years of experience in selling IT, Tech, and Engineering companies across borders.